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Lincoln Middle School Academics & Staff Directory

LMS Mission Statement

Lincoln Middle School supports the mission of the Meriden Public Schools: Success for All Students. The Lincoln Middle School community places a special focus and emphasis upon the arts and media curriculum. We believe each child should have a well-rounded educational experience that will allow him or her to explore learning through the arts and media. The arts and media curriculum offers special opportunities to fulfill the human need for self-expression.

The students will have a motivating and challenging academic program that engages their imagination in dance, dramatic arts, musical arts, visual arts, broadcasting and video, and writing. Incorporating the arts in education promotes the learning of life skills and develops critical thinking. The arts generate the excitement that motivates student involvement in the school community. Participation in the arts, with its multicultural foundation, offers a wide range of human experience fostering respect for others, building self-confidence, nurturing self-esteem, and developing self-discipline.

The Lincoln Middle School community also values its partnerships with parents, resident and community artists, theater and musical groups, local and regional media services, and business and community outreach organizations.

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